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Welcome to, featuring the photographic prints of Kirsty Knittel!

From her collection of photographs taken in Alaska (especially in Denali National Park) since 1987, Kirsty has selected scores of favorite images to print, mat and frame, and offers them for sale on this website, as well as at craft bazaars in Fairbanks, North Pole and Anchorage, Alaska.

This website showcases many of the images, but more are available for viewing at her display during the bazaars or at the Tanana Valley State Fair. All are available in various sizes, with or without color coordinated matting, and framed or not!

Some images are available as Framed Sets: 3 or 4 photographs matted in a single frame, featuring a particular species or a central theme.

Polar Bears
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Framed Set
An example of a Framed Set: Three 5" x 7" photographs grouped by a common theme (e.g., season of the year, one species of animal, or any three photos you select) are mounted in a color coordinated double mat, and framed in a complimenting frame with protective glass. Click on the image to see more examples!

If you are unable to visit Kirsty at her booth in person, feel free to explore this site by clicking on the subject categories, and if an image or two strikes your fancy, click on the Ordering link for information on how to order.

And thank you for stopping by...

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